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For more information call 011-463-6520 or 083-228-0034

Birthday VOUCHERS available!!! Call Elaine on 083-228-0034 for more info.

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I currently teach from a wheelchair - I show you with my hands - see below what my pupils can do - I am not able to show off as most teachers can - I am entirely focused on my pupils - I can see mistakes easily from years of experience teaching. Give me a try - money back guarantee.

Now offering the latest greatest dance - Night Club Twostep or slow two step. This is a fabuloue dance to do for a WEDDING or just to go out.

Here are two examples from the internet. More from my students to follow.


Some videos of class

Brent and Azza - Final lesson for 2014
Cha Cha
Nightclub twostep

Brent and Azza

"Hi Elise, I can't believe I've learned to move with music this well. Thanks to you." Azza

Learning the nightclub twostep

19 November 2014
Waltz including princess step

21 November 2014

Kevin and Polly

13 November 2014

Group with Elise

Private lessons available for single ladies - R400 per lesson

Elise Krog School of Dance Studio based in Randburg, Ferndale, Bryanston, Gauteng, South Africa, offers a combination of Ballroom Dancing, Wedding Dancing Lessons and Latin American Classes. Our focus is on the Social aspect of dancing versus those seeking to compete. Our aim is to teach you to dance and to make it a fun experience for both you and your partner. Our biggest speciality is chorerography of wedding couples' first dance. Page last updated 17 November 2014.

There are certain issues with the website that I am working on. Please phone Elaine on 011-463-6520 or 083-228-0034 for furthert info.

Check out these cool videos:



Page last updated 16 April 2015. For articles on wedding dance lessons CLICK HERE. To see times available click here. For cool packages on weddings click here.

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VOUCHERS available!!! Call Elaine on 083-228-0034 for more info.

New Classes 2015
NEW!!!! - This is just an experiment so please join me if you would like. I am offering private lessons for wedding couples in the privacy of their home through SKYPE. Lessons will be held with Elise. All you need is a room where you and your partner can move around easily to follow the dance instructions. I am offering a discounted introductory rate of R300 per couple per hour so R150 per person. Skype classes available on weekends.

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BallroomBallroom- Dances taught in class include Nightclub Twostep, Foxtrot, Hustle, Salsa, Rumba, Dancing
Cha-cha, Tango, Waltz. We start with the foxtrot the first lesson then carry on with the hustle the next lesson after doing some revision of the previous lesson. We then learn the waltz and move onto the cha-cha and salsa in the next few lessons. We don't learn a lot in each lesson but spend quite a lot of time practising so that you can remember what you learnt and apply it when you go out and party.

For wedding couples - cost of private lessons R550 per couple per hour. For available times please call 011-463-6520 (last updated August 2013) .

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For more information call 011-463-6520 or 083-228-0034

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